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Seamless Headlines

Seamless has done a few great campaigns containing really fun headline-driven content. I've often seen them throughout NYC and particularly enjoyed them while on the subway. So, I decided to try my hand at a few NYC Seamless headlines of my own, because why not, right?

Less time cooking,

more time watching that show about cooking.

You can make it here,

so you don't need to make dinner as well.

Coffee that comes to you,

so you can go to everything else.

It was either a stove or a sofa.

You chose wisely.

You don't have a dining room,

you barely have a bedroom.

It's kind of windy out,

don't risk it.

It's the city that never sleeps,

so why should your cravings?

When you're in the mood for Italian

with a side of no-human-interaction.

Only your doorman will know

you ordered from two different places.

You've seen enough for one day.

Stay in.

No matter how you pronounce it,

it's only one click away.

(photo of gyro)

These shoes have done their walking.

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