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PLAN A Condoms

The ad school assignment was to market condoms to a female audience by creating the name, style, packaging, and in-store placement of the product.

My friend and fellow copywriter, Matthew Eckrich, and I came up with PLAN A Condoms: Condoms for the modern, badass woman who is not ashamed of her sexuality and plans ahead, even when her partner doesn't.

(Sadly as a mere copywriter I am unable to make this look as fabulous as it should be, but hopefully an AD will come along soon to make it real purty.)

PLAN A (dragged).jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 2.jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 3.jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 4.jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 5.jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 6.jpg
PLAN-A (dragged) 7.jpg
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